Who Are We and Why We Are Different?

We treat your brand, as if it is our brand.

Strategic Minded

As your brand ambassador, we work with you to take a comprehensive approach to optimize and grow your presence including our own stores (physical & online), Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other platforms. We are always on the look out for new ways to grow your market share and increase revenue. This is especially important, as the retail industry rapidly evolves and the competitive environment changes over time.

Long Term View

We are in this for the long haul and want to be your partner for a very long time. We work to earn your business again and again. We achieve this by treating your brand as it is our brand. Our association with your brand and its performance is a reflection on us, and we take that very seriously. It also means you get full transparency from us for our results, our impact, opportunities we see for improvement, opportunities we see for growth and more.


Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of eCommerce and in particular, the Amazon platform. We are experts in all facets of Amazon including FBA, Seller Central, brand listings, product categories, brand registry, review management, competitive analysis, SEO, PPC & paid campaigns, MAP policies, inventory management, fulfillment, logistics and more.


We view problems as challenges, or opportunities to grow and improve. More than that, we seek out potential problems before they happen to eliminate them. Areas of focus include inventory management, competitive analysis, negative review management, MAP monitoring, exposing unauthorized and undesirable sellers and more.


One of our key tenets is to be a team player, which means we will not just peel back the curtain and share information, we will invite you in to determine which levers to pull and which knobs to turn. We are in this together and we believe, our individual successes are dependent on our collective efforts.


We have built our business on getting things done and solving problems. We also pride ourselves on responding quickly to be sure issues do not become larger than they need to be. We are your advocates on any platform we work with you on, whether it is Amazon or another marketplace. We work tirelessly to get answers and problems solved on your behalf.

Get the Results You Expect From Your Retail Partners!

We exist to assist our clients and their brands to be successful in multiple retail channels including our brick & mortar stores, our own eCommerce stores, Amazon, Walmart.com, eBay, Shopify, or any other marketplace you want to increase your presence. As a performance based brand management partner, we help brands take control of their Amazon channel and other channels to increase exposure, improve positioning, manage inventory, grow market share and grow overall revenue. All brands have their challenges, there is no doubt always something you can do more of or do better to align your strategy and execute on your objectives. It could be straightforward as editing bullet points to improve your listing, run an ad campaign to increase brand awareness, or more complex as managing negative customer reviews or uncovering unauthorized resellers. Lean on Mozo Commerce as your retail partner to achieve the results you desire.

We achieve our mutual objectives as your retail reseller and brand ambassador. We don’t ask for any payment upfront. To be clear, we pay you, which minimizes your risk and provides instant ROI through our purchase and possession of your brand’s inventory. At that point though, our work has only begun, as we work to increase brand awareness and grow market share, while providing complete visibility. Our commitment to you, is to keep you up to date on results and communicate clearly & often, because while we may have the responsibility of the inventory that we purchased from you, it is still your brand. In our experience, many other sellers are short-term focused or worse, unauthorized sellers, which leaves you exposed for brand devaluation, loss of consumer trust and loss of revenue over the long haul. Let’s discuss further how we can benefit your brand and get the results you desire.

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